Experiment lab

In the experiment lab, you can create your own version of an online game.

Once you have created your version of the game, you will get a link to access your version of the game.

Play the original game

Create your version of the game

Use the options below to create your version of the game.

Word options

Select word:

Select case:

Select order:

Ball options

Select size:

Select speed:

Colour options

Enter background colour: #

Enter ball colour: #

Enter letter colour: #

Enter selected ball colour: #

Use this page to find the hex code for the colour you want

Game options

Show "new word" button:

Performance options

Number of decimal places for time:

Measures to record and display:

Time to complete game

Time to first click

Number of letters

Number of clicks

Total direct distance between clicks in pixels

Total mouse distance during game in pixels

Apply settings

Share your activity

Once you have finished creating your version, you need to use the link below to access your game.

Depending on your platform, you should also be able to use this embed code to place the game within a web document.
NOTE: This will not work with Google sites.

Example of a customised game

The alphabet challenge