Predictive text challenge

This challenge was set up to support maths week 2015.

Can you work out how the readability score is being determined?

Make a plan, collect some data, use some graphs to see what the features of the data can tell you, and develop some rules for predicting the score. Talk to your teacher if you need help

Try out some text....

Please type or copy in the word below.

Note that the readability score is based on the assumption that you enter a real word and that the word has no more than 12 letters πŸ™‚

Text colour

Font type

Get readability score

You can develop four different models to predict the readability score:

  • just based on the word
  • based on the word and text colour
  • based on the word and font type
  • based on the word, text colour and font type

This kind of modelling works best if you reserve some words that you do not use initially to create your model. Once you have created a model, then try it out on these words to see how well your predictions match the actual readability scores.

To see a very cool visualisation explaining a similar process, check out this page!

Data privacy statement: This application records the word that is entered along with the date and time it was entered. No other data is recorded.

Have fun with this challenge!!